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Save on Electricity by going Solar

Welcome to AGS Solar, if you are in the process of researching or switching to solar power then you have come to the right place. In a recent study for a typical South African household by Eskom they reveal that, on average, 39% of a household's electricity consumption can be accounted for by an electric geyser. A solar geyser on the other hand, requires only sunlight to heat water. And not only is the sun a free and renewable source of energy, but it is also plentifully available in South Africa where we have one of the world's highest levels of solar radiation, or sunlight. With electricity prices rising as a response to increasing demand on limited capacity, the time for change is now.

As part of the national Solar Water Heating Programme, the government is offering a limited time rebate on solar water heating systems. Taking this offer into account together with the fact that our systems have been shown to save the average consumer as much as R755 each month on electricity and cost of as little as R275 per month, the average consumer can not only afford to make the change but really has no reason not to.

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"We recommend solar heating to all our friends and really feel that it should be part of all building in South Africa, after all we are lucky enough not to have to pay for sunshine, whereas electricity as we know it will become a major expense for most homeowners." Read more

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Energy Saving Tips of the week: "replace geysers with solar water heaters using Eskom’s rebate programme.Read more

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